Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A surprise visit form a mime, in the final days ot the first week

Well, our new site AnimationHut.TV has only been up for about a week and we already had a few good sign-ups and submissions.

Last night I was pleasantly surprised by short clip entitled Mime For A Day, submitted by Andrew Kaiko.

According to Andrews own description, the clip he uploaded is the first 2 minutes of his 2006 senior thesis from RISD. I really liked the style and the story. In fact, the story has the element of what every good story should have: i.e. the first few opening scenes engage you, as a viewer, to the point that makes you want to see the rest of the film.

Speaking of the rest of the film, you can see the entire 6-minute film on YouTube. Andrew provides a URL to this YouTube page, in his comments.

So, AnimationHut.TV is still open for new sign-ups and new submissions. I hope to see more people visiting and signing up, soon.

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