Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just launched the first "Animation HUT" site

Hi all,

This is (obviously) the first post on this blog. Just an announcement, really...

Last night, I launched AnimationHUT.TV, the first video sharing site specifically for the animation community. This new site is basically like YouTube, except that it's just about animation. Now, how cool is that?

The idea is basically to have one place on the internet where all the animation, from all over the world, can be shared. YouTube is great, of course, and we should all continue to post there, but since that is a general interest mega-site all the relevant content (when it comes to those specifically looking for animation) tendst to get lost amongst millions of videos that have nothing to do with animation. So, my idea is to start a niche video-sharing and upload site that is only for animation.

Furthermore, AnimationHUT.TV is fully monitored by administrators. This means that all videos require the approval of administrators before they go live. In other words, you upload your video, but it doesn't show up right away. During the course of the day any one of our administrators will log onto the backend and see if there are any newly uploaded videos to approve. If the videos are about animation they get approved, during this activation process.

All videos have to be about animation, but they don't necessarily have to be animated films. This means that you can publish an interview with anyone that works in the animation industry and the video will be approved. Or you can post a tutorial, or show behind the scenes, or do a studio tour... well, you get the idea.

So, the most desirable user names will go fast. Don't wait. Log onto AnimationHUT.TV, register your user name and start uploading some videos.

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